[GAME]Wake up to Battle! DELTA T!

I personally have been waiting for this game for a long time! Being an Ingress player myself before i know the hardwork and teamwork need behind games like this! But after gathering more information about this game, i cannot wait to have this game on my phone this instants! But it will be out around June 2017. So what are you waiting for?! Click on this link and join me on an advaneture

The gameplay of Delta T revolves around adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the real-world environments of players using Augmented Reality. When players log into Delta T, they will see their actual location, using the phone’s GPS, as the point where the game begins. The player can decide their gameplay style and play at their own pace. They can either travel across the map capturing cores scattered far and wide or they can set up a stronghold and dominate in a single territory. The location-based gameplay acts as a catalyst encouraging players to travel, meet and strategize with fellow gamers in the real world to conquer the virtual world. The game requires players to network with other
players to achieve common goals for their Megacorp.

Gameplay Features
Join The Global War For Dominance:
Players can choose from four warring Megacorps each with their own patent technology. They can pick from three unique wings that define roleplay in the game. Each with their own special abilities, skill trees and responsibilities.

Build And Defend Their Clan:
Players can start clans with fellow players from the Megacorp. They can create Clan Bases to protect their Cores from enemy attack. The player can also equip their base with weaponized Mods to make it an impenetrable stronghold.

Capture Energy Cores And Bases For Their Megacorp:
Players can capture enemy Energy Cores spread out across their city. These are often under the protection of enemy clan bases. Players can defeat enemy clans by taking down their mods and bases picking from a powerful arsenal of weapons.

Explore Their City To Find Prized Weapons And Inventory:
“Urban Exploration” is an exciting new way to for players to find and acquire new inventory. They can scan for powerful weapons, artifacts, and inventory and race against fellow players to bag them. The exploration adopts a novel gameplay mechanic called triangulation through which players can decode the coordinates of inventory giving players the thrill of chasing down these items.

Camera AR Based Gameplay:
Players can interact with the world around them through Camera AR. Attack animations, Urban exploration, Clan warfare will all have dedicated Camera AR gameplay to make the entire experience more immersive. This also adds a social and shareable component to the game.Drone Based GameplayPlayers will be able to operate drones within the game that help them access locations remotely. These drones will assist and amplify the gameplay experience allowing the player to level up faster.

Content Driven Responsive Storyline:
The Delta T gameverse is based on the ‘reverse timeline’ concept allowing us to have a constantly evolving storyline. The gameplay stats based on weekly cycles will have a real tangible effect on the storyline to keep them hooked.

Chat And Trade-Through A Thriving Virtual Economy:
Players can trade weapons, inventory and other precious resources through a location-based trade system that is pegged to the in-game currency called Time Credits. They can also chat with other players in their region or across the world using the chat system

Extended GameplayThe extended gameplay ramps up the interactive elements within the game–

• Anomaly – Global events that have the potential to alter the outcome of the game
• Prototype Parts – Regular local events where gamers need to coordinate and collect different parts of a prototype that will be spread across different areas and assemble them into a special weapon or an artifact for their Megacorp
• Virtual Community Governance – Top ranking players can affect the entire gameplay by creating their own rules and strategies

Hand more first hand information and more just click on the link below!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeltaTGame/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4WQqjuMAOy_gDkMoQEaA6A
Website: http://deltatgame.com/
Not to forget do join their BETA and embark on an Journey that you will never regret!


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