[Event Report] Japan Expo Thailand 2017 / Japan Festa in Bangkok 2017 -Day 1-


The annual Japan Expo Thailand cum Japan Festa in Bangkok was held on 10-12 March 2017 and 11-12 March 2017 respectively at CentralWorld mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Hosted by G-Yu Creative, it aims to promote the culture and sub-culture of Japan in Thailand as well as across the region. Unlike most events, Japan Expo Thailand focuses more on culture and artists than cosplaying. It is an event worth visiting if you’re more into Japanese music of various genres and traditional culture.

In this article, I will focus more on artists who performed at Japan Expo Thailand Day 1 on Friday, 10 February 2017. These are some of the following artists live on that day.


Lovely☆DOLL , an all-girl group formed in 2011 which consists of seven members. Bringing the house down!


Spring Chu♡bit, which consists of Haruse Yumi (left), Kasuga Sayaka (center) and Yamashita Haruka (right). These ladies put up a great show with their amazing setlist. My most favourite number from them was “สบาย夏!!!BANG!BANG!BANG!!!”


SORGENTI, a duo which consists of Mitsuhiro and Hiroshi putting up an amazing show.


Musumen, a nine-member male group. Their name is derived from the Japanese word “musume” which means daughter and the English word “men”. You guys get the idea alright! Their songs were amazing btw.


FES☆TIVE, a six-member girl group bringing up the hype in CentralWorld with their festival-themed songs! It sure feels like summer all year long.


Kikkawa Yuu, formerly from Hello! Project Egg and MilkyWay, performing her solo hits as well as a cover of Morning Musume’s 1998 hit “Daite! Hold on Me”


Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari), formed by seven members of Hello! Project Egg performing their awesome hits to the crowd.


Chu-Z here performing “Meow”, probably my most favourite song from them!


Ciao Bella Cinquetti, once known as The Possible, formerly from Hello! Project Egg, performing their hits as well as covers of Hello! Project hits!


SAY-LA! A girl group which consists of six members. Their name sounds very Singaporean, doesn’t it?


Wonder Weed, a group which actually consists of six girls, but only five were present. Still, they managed to put up a great show!


YANAKIKU, a duo which consists of Yanagi Megumi (Yana), and Kikui Shoko (Kiku), performing songs which has catchy tunes that reminds us of traditional Japan!


Team Makenki, which consists of the combination of Kikkawa Yuu, Ciao Bella Cinquetti and Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari), teaming up to give an amazing show, which includes a couple of Hello! Project covers: “Love Revolution 21” by Morning Musume and “cha cha SING” by Berryz Kobo. Definitely my most favourite segment ever of Day 1!


Tempura Kidz, a group consists of five young girls loved by everyone coz of their unique style of performance!

Other acts which also performed on Day 1 which I didn’t manage to cover on live stage include Magical Ban☆Bang, Yoyojyo, Ryoma Quartet, Aoyagi Bisen, Ready to Kiss and Jeanist.

Here are more photos which I have taken on Japan Expo Thailand Day 1.


Photo session with Spring Chu♡bit


Sayaka from Spring Chu♡bit


Yumi from Spring Chu♡bit


Haruka from Spring Chu♡bit


Photo session with Yoyojyo! 


Photo session with Yanakiku!


Yanakiku x Tempura Kidz


Look who’s here! It’s Pikachu!

Two-shot selfies with some members of Tempura Kidz!


Team Makenki looks all set for their performance!

And still more amazing different shots of various artists! For more photos, do check out Odorustage official page as well as Makio official page! (photo album currently under construction; do check back from time to time)

That wraps up Japan Expo Thailand 2017 Day 1! Day Two of Japan Expo Thailand 2017 and Japan Festa in Bangkok 2017 shall be reviewed in the next article. Look forward to it!



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