[Event] EOY 2016 Highlights

eoyOn 10-11 Dec 2016, EOY Cosplay Festival was held at Marina Barrage and it marked the last of 2016’s ACG events in Singapore! Many event-goers and passersby were attracted to various things that happened on stage and were curious to what the event was all about!Crowd swarming into the event!

Many changes were made this year and the response from the crowds was very positive, with various new sponsors opening up more activities for event-goers to enjoy! Usually, we enjoy the stage events and move on when all performances are done, but this time there were so much going on that we did not have time to enjoy everything! First we headed down to the artist alley to grab ourselves some goodies from our pool of local talents, while enjoying the delicious food and beverages over there while browsing through the booths! There was also a Pokemon competition held by the only certified Pokemon professor in Singapore!

The stage crew supporters
Artist Ally: Setting up in progress!

After visiting the various booth and watching the Pokemon competition, we headed to the Doki Doki Hearts Cafe to enjoy the unique services that the cafe offered! Plus, being one of the last standing themed cafe in Singapore, the experience was even more precious! The menu was amazing and filled with what a sweet tooth would like, and there was extra service where we could play mini games and take chekis with them! It’s such a blessing to visit the cafe! On the way to the stage we also spotted a mini photo booth that had been set up by Luminous but we were too shy to take a photo there haha!Doki Doki Hearts CafeS Doki Doki Hearts Cafe Doki Doki Hearts CafeThen, the main highlight of the event started! With building a Nico Nico dance party in mind, Mr. Tim and the EOY crew worked tirelessly to pick the best performers for the audience who came down all the way to enjoy the performances! With these changes in place, for the very first time a male artist “THAT” was invited to the event! Not just that, they also invited Miko, a cute and active Nico Nico Douga dancer, as well as Natuiro party, A-live, Usagi and Lunaria, to grace the stage to give you the best of EOY! If you have missed out the event here is the YouTube link [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtJpUDwMze0flGL5N1qMbHapdhvWNgMOl] to catch up to or relive memories of the event!



Last but not least, we like to thank all the sponsors: PUB-MARINA BARRAGE, NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL, PASSION CARD, LUMINOUS, DAIYAKU, BONJAPAN, MONDATE.TV, KANE MOCHI, HAPPY ICE, OTAKU TACHI and TOY COIN. Without you guys, the event would’ve never happened! Plus special thanks to the EOY crew who work tirelessly for a month just to make a 2-day event a great success!



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