[Event] Comic Fiesta 2016 – Indies, Doujins, Everywhere?!


What a way to end off the year! After the concert-driven extravaganza that AFA had
provided to all their fans since January to the last performances during AFASG, what’s better than to head back to our roots and appreciate the growing regional talent base? On 17-18 December 2016, the OdoruStage team headed off to Putra World Trade Centre to attend Comic Fiesta. And we didn’t just get what we came for – a slew of talent from all over the region, mostly Malaysian, and very much indie, that have set up shop all around the venue – we got way more than we beckoned for.


As usual, Comic Fiesta was divided into two halves, the commercial half and the artist half. The commercial half, despite the corporate naming sense, had a surprising amount of indietitles; LEVEL UP KL 2016, headed by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), put many of Malaysia’s indie studios up on public display, the most notable being Super SteamPuff, developed by Weyrdworks. Indie board/card game Avarium Academy also makes its regular appearance with its new expansion. And these two made up only the tip of the iceberg!


On the second level the competitive gamers dominated, and both competing and non-
noncompeting participants were able to watch the proceedings as Pokemon, Street Fighter and Marvel VS Capcom battles after battles came and went. The regular gamers aren’t left out of the fun as well though, as they could chill with other gamers with their handheld consoles or card games, whichever they preferred. Food was even available nearby for those who needed it, and everyone could consume their meals while enjoying an optimal view of the stage.


Speaking of the stage, if anyone wondered where the source of their occasional eargasm
was coming from, this was the place. It hosted panel sessions for cosplayers and
distinguished guests throughout the event, and once in a while had performances which
blew the house down. The main highlights happened after the main event, though, as
established performers such as fhána, Shinimikiri, Nandemo Ii, 雷神 Raijin and Mystical Mirage came together as the Bands of Justice for the first night, while kradness and Yuyoyuppe worked together on the second night, effectively providing a more-than- fitting end to the event.


All these contributed to such immense crowds throughout the event that jams kept forming at both the entrances and exits. It is a problem, but it was a good problem to have, and given the limitations of the event venue, it was commendable to see how efficiently the crowd was managed from the start to finish.


It was truly a wonderful event, but it would not have been possible if not for the sponsors,
who also did their share of value-adding to the event and contributed to the atmosphere. For that, we thank sponsors AirAsia, Beetle Comic, GameView, iflix, XII Braves, FUNPLUS, e-pay, Nippon Paint, MDEC, Grab, KDU University College, The Loot Chest and ColourVUE, media partners GEMPAK STARZ and ANIPLUS, and official gaming peripheral provider, Armageddon for making Comic Fiesta the way it was. We’re confident that next year will only get bigger and better, as more talents surface and be part of this bustling community and this unforgettable experience.


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