[Music]BangDream Poppin’Party 3rd Single


The third single, “Hashiri Hajimeta Bakari no Kimi ni/Tear Drops” released by Poppin’Party, the band featured in highly anticipated Japanese animation, BanG Dream!, claimed the 10th spot on the Japan Oricon Weekly Chart. This feat is more impressive, considering this is a precedent for the single from a musical unit featured in an animation, when said animation has not hit airwaves yet.
The music video for “Hashiri Hajimeta Bakari no Kimi ni/Tear Drops” has also surpassed 530,000 views on YouTube. Referring to the signs of BanG Dream! and Poppin’Party’s impending widespread popularity in Japan, Mr. Takaaki Kidani, CEO of Bushiroad, shared that “We hope this popularity and anticipation will extend to anime fans worldwide as well”.

bandBanG Dream! is an upcoming animation that will place the spotlight on five high school girls who form a rock band named Poppin’Party. The voice actresses of these characters will also be holding live performances under the moniker of ‘Poppin’Party’, with the ability to play similar instruments as their animated counterparts. Poppin’Party is expected to expand their activities to many different areas in future.
The 4th and 5th single by Poppin’Party will be the opening and ending theme song for BanG Dream!. Both will be released subsequently after the premiere of the animation.
BanG Dream! Synopsis

Since she was very young, Kasumi has always been searching for the “Star Beat”, a sparkling and exciting sound she heard while looking up at the night sky. Just after getting into high school, Kasumi comes across a “Star-shaped Guitar” in the storage area of an old pawn shop. Feeling a rush and excitement she has never felt before, Kasumi teams up with 4 other girls and embarks on a journey to seek out the shiny place. We promise to perform a live here!
Voice Actresses of Poppin’Party (from left): Rimi Nishimoto (voice of Rimi Ushigome), Ayaka Ohashi (voice of Sāya Yamabuki), Aimi (voice of Kasumi Toyama), Ayasa Ito (voice of Arisa Ichigaya) and Sae Otsuka (voice of Tae Hanazono)
CD Cover of Hashiri Hajimeta Bakari no Kimi ni/Tear Drops
©BanG Dream! Project ©bushiroad All Rights Reserved.
For more information:
Official BanG Dream! Website (English) – http://bang-dream.com/english/

Official BanG Dream! Twitter – @bang_dream_info

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