[Event]EOY 2016! Are you ready?!

eoyIn 4 days time, Marina Barrage will be crowded as EOY Cosplay festival will be held there! It’s the largest free annual cosplay and youth community event in Singapore, offering an avenue for J-pop and anime lovers to congregate and parade their passion through self-made performances, cosplay, illustrations, photography and more. The layman onlooker will undoubtedly find this a highly fascinating and eye-opening experience.

There will be performances, booths, a cosplay cafe and much more!!!!! So what you guys need is a mini guide on how to go there! Plus some information on what is going to be happening there!!!!!

First! HOW to GET there?!
For those who are going for the event for the very first time!
Here is the page [http://www.theeoy.com/eoy/getting-there/] that shows you how to get there!
Or You can follow the cosplayers to the event ground, that was how i went about when it was my first time going to the event!!!! HAHAHA!!!

Next! For many of you who is going for the event would had seen the EOY Poster already right it’s something like this

Here is the layout of the event!!!! So that you won’t go missing or lost in the event!!

If you are looking for the merchandise, here is the layout to show you where your favourite exhibitors are!

After you get the Your merchandise! it’s time for a short break! while you wait as the main highlights of EOY!
How about going into Doki Doki Hearts Cafe? The amazing staff will serve you with a hint of magic to heal you up!
I will share more about them in my Next article so do stay tuned!
After Healing up You can visit other booth as many many stuff are ongoing!
Also don’t forget to check out the other booths. Like heading to Luminos to try out their photobooth for free!!!!
Or you can buy a snack up while waiting at the from World Snack Day so you can eat while watching stage performances by visiting World Snack Day!

Yes of course you must not miss the stage performances, which is the main feature Last BUT NOT LEAST! Never miss The Highlights of EOY! It will be the stage as there will be Performances are on going through the day from  12pm-6pm on saturday and 12-5:30pm on during sunday it’s from 12-5:30pm!
day-1 day-2
After getting know all this information! But this is not all! There will be more information coming  your way! If you want to know more about the Guests and more about the cafe, do follow me the my blog!!!!!


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