[Event] Anime Festival Asia 2016 in Singapore -Part 2-


In this article, I shall continue with my coverage on Day 2 of the annual Anime Festival Asia here in Singapore. From my previous article, you would notice that I cover mostly on cosplayers who attended the event. In Part 2, I shall continue to cover on that as well.

The event was graced by many cosplayers across the region, and I would like to continue getting to know each and every one of them. No, they are not celebrity cosplayers or popular idols. Just regular event goers like you and I.


Cosplayer Nico Tan in her costume of Shimakaze from the series “Kantai Collection”


Cosplayers Cxiela and Leon Arisu as Rem and Ram respectively, from the anime series “Re:Zero”.


Theirs is definitely one of the best Re:Zero cosplay I’ve seen for today as they spot on a different costume.

Photo by: Shiolee


Cosplayer Mizuki Hana as Erza Scarlet from “Fairy Tail”. Awww, I should have worn my spirit Leo costume today instead of Day 3. It would have been a much perfect Fairy Tail selfie ^_^;


Cosplayer Mika Kibaki as Nozomi Tojo from “Love Live: School Idol Project”.


“Stay behind me, Nozomi. I’ll protect you!”

Photo by: Shiolee

Edited by: Makio


Cosplayer Kuromi in her awesome cosplay of Ram from “Re:Zero”! Love your costume alot ^_^


Cosplayer Kenneth as Shino from the anime “Sword Art Online”. This one is shrine maiden version, in case you guys asking why so different.


Cosplayer Yumi as Sylveon -gijinka- from the ever popular anime “Pokemon”! Man it’s been ages since I last watch the anime. So far, been only playing the games on 3DS. After today, I’m so going to catch up on the seasons that I’ve missed out. And pretty cool costume too, btw ^_^


Cosplayer Yuki in her Kotori Minami cosplay (I think)


Cosplayer Kobayashi Mia as Minadzuki Rui from the series “Tsukiuta”


Cosplayer Riina as Ai Haibara from “Detective Conan”


Spotted another Shimakaze here, portrayed by cosplayer Belicia Wong

Alright, and that’s it for Day 2! In the next part, I shall cover on Day 3 of AFA! Do look forward to it ^_^



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