【Event】Anime Festival Asia 2016 in Singapore -Part 1-

The annual Anime Festival Asia in Singapore was held once again this year on 25, 26, and 27 November 2016 at Suntec City Convention Center. It was attended by many fans across the country as well as across Asia, notably from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and many more. Everyone from all walks of life came together for one sole purpose, and that is to experience and immense themselves in Japanese pop-culture. Many came as cosplayers, some came just as regular visitor, while quite a handful were there for the Anisong concert. Everyone has their different ways of enjoying pop-culture.

Just a quick run through of the event and its’ booths. There were plenty of doujin booths, and also food stalls mostly by WAttention Plaza. Of course, you have the usual anime merchandise booths and also gaming booths and artist booths as well. If you bought only exhibition tickets, you can watch free open shows at the Akiba stage, which is usually taken up by idols and also guest cosplayers and artists for talk segments.

But of course, my favourite booth has to be this one! WakuWaku Japan TV booth which features the man which is the talk of the town right now: Piko-Taro! He is the man who sang this internet viral hit “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” or “PPAP” for short. In this booth, you can try dress up like him and perhaps dance like him too. And take a two-shot with him! (well just a cardboard image of him only).

In this article, instead of talking about the event as a whole, I shall talk about and feature more on cosplayers and people whom I’ve met on Day 2 (Nov 26) of AFA. No they’re not celebrity cosplayers or well-known idols and artists, just people who come to anime conventions regularly.


For Day 2, I was cosplaying as Nobuchika Ginoza from the anime series “Psycho Pass”. And I shall go around the event to meet lots of awesome people, so here we go!

Photo by: Tan Lum Hoe

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207395206510886

Re-upload with permission

This gentleman is no stranger to the cosplay community here. He has been very active in the scene for a long time, and he is always armed with his cameras and equipment when attending cosplay events. He is none other than Mr Tan Lum Hoe, an avid photographer who takes photos of every cosplayer, model, person or anyone he meets and create them into an art of his own. The photo above this one was taken by Mr. Tan at the AFA venue itself. Do say “hello” to him when you see him at an anime convention (‘▽’)

Cosplayer Gin Kanade as Umaru Douma from “Himouto! Umaru-chan”. You gotta lay off the chips and soft drinks someday, Umaru-chan. Not good for ya! XDD


Cosplayer Nadiah as Sailor Mercury from the anime “Mahou Shoujo Sailor Moon”. Love the costume btw ^_^

Met with Angie!  (‘▽’)

“Stay close to me, Angie! I’ll protect you” (o^^o)

Photo by: Shiolee

Edited by: Makio

Cosplayer Alice Tang as McCree genderbend from the online game “Overwatch”. Would you be my “Play of the game”? XDD


Her tag team partner Foxtato Rina as D.VA, also from “Overwatch”!

Cosplayer Sapphire Suki as Maka Albarn from the anime and manga “Soul Eater”

Cosplayers Bob (left) and Ivan (right) from Indonesia, who came to Singapore for AFA! It’s Ivan’s birthday on the day after AFA! Hope you will enjoy your birthday week here in our tropical sunny island (o^^o)

Cosplayer Sayo Momo from Vietnam as Snow Miku princess! She’s here for AFA and a bit of holiday too. Hope you enjoyed our tropical island of Singapore (o^^o)

Photo by: Shiolee

Edited by: Makio

“Let’s create memories together by taking a photo selfie, shall we? (‘▽’)

Photo by: Shiolee

Edited by: Makio

“We did it! I’ll always remember you with this photo. Hope to see you again real soon. Chúng ta sẽ gặp lại nhau” ( ^ω^ )

My tag team partner on Day 2. Tan Sze Hao as Shinya Kogami! Not the full “Psycho Pass” team, but it’s alright! We can still rock the world! (‘▽’)

Photo by: Llewellyn Chiang

Edited by: Makio

“Let’s take a quick selfie before work, Shinya” ( ^ω^ )

Cosplayer who likes to be known by her monicker Ndragonn, in her costume of Pharah from the online game “Overwatch”. And I must say that it’s a really cool costume! Hope to catch up with ya again soon ( ^ω^ )


Cosplayer Haruka as Albedo from “Overlord”. Cool skull btw XDD


Aska (right) and Allan (left), our brothers and comrades from Table Studio, relaxing after a long day of walking around AFA Day 2 ( ^ω^ )

Part 2 shall feature more on cosplayers and people I met on AFA Day 2; do look forward to it (‘▽’)



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