[Interview] Exclusive Interview with Shine植木姐姐!

13071906_495360070660574_179988890491298862_oDuring my visit at Animangaki 2016, I manage to be able to have a short chat with Eli Ayase Goddess! Shine植木姐姐 and she allow me to do an short interview with her!!

1:When you started cosplaying and do your remember what was your first cosplay?
我是从2009年的comic fiesta开始cosplay的。我第一次cos是k-on!里面的mio哈哈哈
I started cosplaying at 2009 in comic fiesta and my first cosplay is Mio from K-on
mio blush
2:Why your first cosplay that character from the anime?
During that time, i love Mio from K-ON after finishing the anime. I had a feeling to cosplay and being a first time cosplaying i do not know how to buy wig so i used my own hair!Think back on my first cosplay it was simple and something that i like!
3:As someone who cosplayed so much what is the hardest costume that you have made so far?
ermmm。。。应该是digimon的angewomon吧 因为我很爱digimon然后angewomon是我最爱的digimon 为了做那个翅膀重做了2-3次~可是只是能外拍那一个小时而已~因为我翅膀还不是很稳固~觉得我道具上还需要加强呢><
Erm…..I think it is digimon’s angewomon. I love digimon and angewomon is the digimon i like most,for the wings i had to re-make it 2-3 times and i manage to do a photoshoot about an hour only as the wing is very unstable~ I think i will need to strengthen my props! ><

4:Who inspired you to cosplay and what character was he/she cosplaying ?
我喜欢和崇拜的coser多数在日本~我每次研究她们的妆容和外拍得concept来拿灵感之类的~通常是因为看到她们cos我爱的角色cos到很棒让我爱上她们的哈哈哈 加上我很欣赏努力做好cosplay的coser,也让我应该要更好好出好我喜欢的角色
I like and worship many cosplayers mostly in Japan~ every time i do research on the make-ups and outdoor concept shoots,it will brings me inspiration! Usually the cosplayers who I idolise,they cosplay the characters I live and this is why I like them hahaha! Plus i admire and strive to be better in cosplay as a coser and be in character that i like.

5:Did you have an thought of giving up cosplaying during your hardest time in life Yes,why didn’t you give up instead,you manage to keep cosplaying? No,how did you manage to overcome and you continue cosplaying?
erm没有吧~因为我很爱cosplay,爱到不得了lol所以才会玩到现在哈哈哈 我父亲有问我几时要停因为年纪不小了~我就回答玩到没有兴趣为止哈哈哈
erm i don’t have any thoughts of quitting cosplay as i love cosplaying alot! But my father did ask my, when i will stop cosplaying as my age is not young anymore! My reply was until i have no interest in cosplaying i will stop.

rail one
6:As a big fan of Ayase Eli you had created a photobook just for eli. So will there be any more Photobook delicate for an anime u like alot? maybe for to aru kagaku no railgun? 😀 yes我很爱eli嘻嘻 我也有考虑作其他我喜欢的系列的photobook,其实现在plan着新写真书嘻嘻 对railgun misaka也有考虑进去~还有one piece =)
Yes i love Ayase Eli a lot hehe! I have considered making photobook for my other favourite series, in fact i have plans for making railgun misaka and one piece photobooks. =)

7:My last question: is there any advice for cosplayer and message to your fans out there?
给cosplayer信息就是“喜欢cosplay就cosplay吧,最重要开心享受在这个兴趣里” 给fans的信息“大家好,谢谢你们的喜欢,其实我是个没自信的人可是每次看到你们的支持我会继续努力下去的,因为我很爱cosplay,谢谢你们愿意看着我的努力如何去玩我这个兴趣,日后希望你们能继续支持我,谢谢,爱你们”
If you love cosplaying just cosplay, most importantly you must feel happy! To all my Fans out there, thank you all for your love! Even if i am not a confident person but every time you guys support me, i will continue working hard and it is because i love cosplay! Thank you for  following me and watch me grow my hobby, Hopefully you all can continue supporting me in the future! THANK YOU, LOVE YOU ALL!

Do follow Shine植木姐姐 for more updates and cosplay too 😀


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