[Game] Kritika SEA Enters Closed Beta!

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Hey guys, it’s CX here again, and this time I’m here to share with you guys some breaking, juicy news for you MMORPG fans out there. Kritika SEA went into closed beta as the first English service in the world, starting yesterday, 25 May and will last until 30 May, 1000H!

Note: Players who pre-registered can use their item codes to gain a boost during the closed beta.

Kritika, developed by All-M, is a face-paced, non-stop action RPG not dissimilar to the others out there that we already know and love, that promises to be the fastest action game of the year, from the potential for relentless combos and speed that players can pick up and play!

“We received many requests from hardcore gamers in SEA to bring more fast-paced games to the region,” said Operations Director of Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd, Ivan Seah. “We hope players will enjoy the blend of dynamic graphics and gameplay in Kritika SEA.”

You will be able to play one of the four classes (Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Scyther) and unlock class advancements as you blitzkrieg up your levels, unlocking even more avenues to toss in some sick combos here or there!

Despite the promise of high-intense action suggesting that you need a good PC to play it, anyone with older systems don’t need to worry about feeling left out!

Ten-year-old systems running on Core 2 Duo and GeForce 7000 series graphics cards can also join in the action. Stylized cel-shaded art and dynamic animations flesh out the vivid world of Kritika, while keeping the system footprint low and client size under 5GB.

See what I mean?

And after enjoying successful launches in Korea, Japan and Taiwan, what’s to say that Kritika SEA won’t have that impact here as well?

캐릭터 선택창_도적.jpg


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