[EVENT] Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur 3

What’s up, guys? It’s been almost two months, hasn’t it? We hope that you are doing well, because now we are approaching the second half of the year and that only means one thing.

Events are gonna come and go so fast you’d miss some of them if you weren’t keeping track!

By the way, if you’d think that this doesn’t sound like Daniel, it’s because it isn’t! I’m CX, and while Daniel is busy with his compulsory external commitment that all our male countrymen have to do, I’ll be helping him here and there with OdoruStage. I hope my writing style isn’t too much of a bore!


Anyway, let’s start the ball rolling with an event coming up this weekend! The good guys from SAYS Youth Society, the very people who organized one of the biggest comic convention in the region that is Comic Fiesta, have once again come together to organize the Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur 3 (CAFKL3).

“CAFKL is meant to provide a platform for both aspiring and professional artists to gather and showcase their talent. We aim to create an inclusive and welcoming space that encourages interaction between anyone who has a love or appreciation for creativity and art,” explained Yoke, the showrunner of the event. “For fans of the artists or anyone looking for original art, we have over 70 artists from around South East Asia who will be selling their art. As with these type of events, production for these merchandise is usually of the “indie” variety, so it’s of limited availability and not something you’ll often find distributed in regular stores.”

Having been originally organized to create a creative avenue where artists, illustrators and enthusiasts can learn from and inspire each other, CAFKL has had been an unprecedented success over the past two years and this year, CAFKL3 is ready to bring Malaysia’s vibrant comic and creative culture back to the limelight once again! Look out for the stage as it will be vibrant with a lineup of information-filled sessions for artists and comic enthusiasts throughout the two days. One guest you guys should definitely look out for is Tetsuji Sekiya, author of the critically-acclaimed comic Bambino!

“With each iteration, we hope to gain more traction in both the general public and the artist community which will make for a more visible platform for the artists participating and also a fun weekend activity for people to enjoy. We’d love for this to turn into something that will encourage the local art and comic community to grow and develop, as there’s definitely the talent and potential here,” enthused the organizers.

CAFKL3 will be held at Makespace, Quill City Mall from 28-29 May 2016. Entry is 15RM for a 2-day all access pass. Feel free to visit their event page or Facebook page for more information regarding the event and we hope that you will have fun indulging in our beloved regional talents!


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