[Games]Pink Bean Sprouts in MapleStorySEA!


Pink Bean Tab Banner
MapleStorySEA offers a limited opportunity to play as Pink Bean from 9th March to 6th April. Sow seeds of destruction as a powerful, fast-levelling, unique class and reap a series of exclusive rewards. MapleStorySEA Community Manager, CM Venshi, will break out the java for a powerleveling marathon at 8:00 PM today – the Pink Bean race to level 140. Goodies will be given to a few lucky viewers every half hour.

Visit Playpark’s Twitch Channel at http://www.twitch.tv/playparksea to watch CM Venshi spill the beans on levelling methods. Pink Bean grows like a weed, so players enjoy boosted experience rates via skills and in-game events. Flatten the latest MapleStorySEA content like tofu and shoot through the levels to see previously out-of reach content. Maplers will also enjoy added EXP bonuses of up to 130% when they team up with five other new beans.

There are also special quests for the Pink Bean class listed in the Pink Bean diary. A Pink Beanity medal, which grants a title with stat bonuses, will be awarded to players who complete the diary within the month-long adventure. The first 200 players to reach level 180 will be eligible for Pink Bean-themed candy. A series of nine Pink Bean cushions is also up for grabs.

“The March holidays are coming and we have bean planning fun activities to excite Maplers for the new class” said Regional Product Director (RPG/Casual) of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, Quach Dong Quang. “We hope players are tickled pink by what we have in store.” Pink Bean was released in 2010, standing twice the size of the average human in Maple Story. It throws its weight around, but is regarded as a has-bean. Today, it makes a triumphant resurgence, allowing players to relive the old days like a boss.


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