[Game ShoutOut] Pokémon on the GO!

All Pokémon Fans Alert!

There will be a new pokemon game coming your way on 2016! And it’s something everyone can play on their mobile phones!
As Pokemon had just announced their new game title called “Pokémon GO”  This is a project that has been working over
Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata and his two years, familiar Nintendo in the series work, in addition to the game freak,
“Ingress” ( iOS /Android is that conduct joint development and Niantic Labs of).
While exploring the real world with the contents that battle to find the Pokemon, it seems the game is using the position information as of Ingress.
 Pokémon Go Plus

There will be a device called the Pokémon Go Plus, which players can wear on their wrist or pinned to their clothing.
The device, which looks like a Pokéball combined with a Google Maps marker pin, has a built-in LED light and a vibration function that
will notify players that something important is happening in the game, such as a Pokémon appearing nearby. Ishihara said that
Pokémon Go players won’t be required to use the device to play the game, but that it will reduce the amount of time players spend
staring at their smart devices in order to play the game.




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