[Event] CharaExpo 2015! Part 1

CharaExpo is an event that will be held for the first time in June 2015. Japanese content (anime, manga, games, card games, cosplay) is loved all throughout the world, and this event aims to be the place where fans can meet the producers of these content. Please look forward to the myriad of Japanese content that we have in store for you.
Besides the exhibition booth and merchandise booth, CharaExpo will also be inviting creator circles, who rarely participate in overseas events, to participate in this event. CharaExpo will also feature an “Entertainment Stage”, where fans will have opportunities to communicate with the guests.

CharaExpo is looking forward to invite animation/game character designers, directors, voice actors, cosplayers and manga artists as guest to share their thoughts and experiences.

Exhibition Zone
Experience content of your favorite characters and purchase related merchandise!

Creators’ Corner
A place where individual content creator can unleash their creativity!

Entertainment Stage
Area where content creators and production staffs can showcase their work and interact with audiences! Talk shows, panels and more featuring creators and artistes are available on the stage on both days!
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There is also Cosplay Competition!!!
The Top 10 cosplayers will participate in the final round of Cos☆Stage at CharaExpo 2015 on 20 June 2015 with a game character cosplay. With years of experience in the cosplay community, guest cosplayers KANAME☆, Tatsumi Inui and Sin Izumi will be judging and selecting the winner of CharaExpo 2015 Cos☆Stage, who will be going to Tokyo Game Show 2015!
Detailed information available at http://chara-expo.com/2015/cos☆stage-cosplay-competition/

Looking into the Exhibitor zone!
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Also not forgetting there will be creators booth called the Creators’ Corner! Do drop by and support our local artists!

card torlyBushiroad’s yearly tournament series, Bushiroad Spring Fest, will be held in CharaExpo 2015! The Bushiroad Spring Fest area will feature a 600-seat card game area for both new and veteran players to enjoy Bushiroad’s card games.

More information about Bushiroad Spring Fest 2015 available at http://bushiroad.com/en/events/.
©bushiroad All Rights Reserved.

Live Pro-Wrestling Matches
It’s not everyday that you’ll get the rare opportunity to watch a live wrestling match upfront! Be prepared to catch on the contagious excitement generated from these wrestling matches!
Featuring 12 professional wrestlers who has travelled all the way from Japan, from the 2nd largest wrestling group in the world, New Japan Pro-Wrestling! © New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co,.Ltd. All right reserved.



Look out for showcases, exhibits, event-exclusive merchandise of your favorite animation series at CharaExpo 2015!

©Frontwing/Project GRISAIA
©Frontwing/Project GRISAIA
©Vanguard G2014/TV Tokyo
©Vanguard G2014/TV Tokyo
©Buddyfight Project 2015/Aichi Television
©Buddyfight Project 2015/Aichi Television








The CharaExpo 2015 Entertainment Stage will feature a spectrum of content that brings colour to different aspects of the anime, manga and cosplay culture.

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Relax, rest those tired legs of yours and enjoy anime movies for free only at CharaExpo 2015! We’ve prepared 200 seats available for each airing. And if you’re up for it, join the Otaku Wars Quiz at 1pm on both days and stand to win some cool prizes!
movieSo this is our end of part 1! So moving on to part 2 we will introduce the guest and many others! Stay tune!

© CharaExpo Committee All rights reserved.



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