MapleSEA Movie Gathering 10th year Aniversary Event

While many of us are still sound asleep on 26th May Sunday morning, Odorustage was up and about at Orchard Libo to take part in the 10th Year Anniversary Event closed-door movie gathering.

We were greeted with a pleasant surprise which included a mug and 3 different plushies and an inclusive MapleSea Card for us. Before the start of the movie screening, Maplestory members was given a sneak preview about the upcoming Starforce Patch.

The latest patch was launched by MapleSea after getting feedback from existing and veteran players on what improvements they will like to see and what will bring them back to MapleSea with all the other online games on the market.

This patch will be released in June this year so stay tuned to our site for our upcoming game review on the patch!

5 Things to Note about the StarForce Patch

1. StarForce Enhancement

Star Force Enhancement
Star Force Enhancement

Better and Safer Enhancement

With equipment traces, players can so they can still store the stats and potential  even if the item is broken during enhancement.

2.  New Maps

Star Force Maps
Star Force Maps

Tougher Monsters and higher exps will be given in these newly released Star Force Maps. So veteran and existing players can look forward to them once the patch is released.

3. System and UI Updates

System & UI Updates
System & UI Updates

Players can now keep their skin permanently through the Beauty Salon System. New Armor, accessory  and weapons sets will also be released with the new patch.

4. Star Planet

Star Planet
Star Planet

Make new friends on this new Planet and play new mini games while collecting star points. What’s more, players stand the chance to become the Shining Star of MapleSea SEA.

5. Beasts of Fury

Beasts of Fury
Beasts of Fury

With 2 two Mu Lun factions Dragon and Tiger, players can choose their side and accept unique quests and items after completing them.

Overall, it was an exciting event for Maple Fans as they celebrated MapleStory SEA 10th Anniversary.Here’s to more exciting patches and events ahead!

ALL information is provided by MapleSEA 


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