PSO2 Gears Up For Episode 2



On Thursday 5 March 2015, The next chapter of the popular sci-fi franchise, Phantasy Star Online 2 released the highly anticipated Deuman race and Samurai class which were revealed at our first community gathering earlier last month. 

Chapter 2 is out with the boasts of the following new features!

New Race and Level Cap:
Episode 2 is filled with dangerous new threats, so a new race and class steps up to the challenge!
Discover the new Deuman race and take the new Samurai class for a spin.
The level cap has also been raised to 60 for the Main Class and 40 for the Sub-Class to give players more freedom to evolve their characters their way!


Note: “Characters displayed on the character selection screen will be sorted so that the character logged-in last will appear on the top of the list.  Therefore, when user creates a new character, former existing character(s) will be displayed on 2nd row or lower row of the character selection list.  When deleting a character, please double check and make sure you confirm the character name and appearance before actually deleting the character.”

New Weapons and Skills:
With the release of the new class!
Behold AND unleash your skill with the Katana and the Bullet Bow!
Finish off your enemies with ease!


New Maps and Quests:
Episode 2 brings new quests for ARKS personnel to do, with missions involving
the exploration of the mysterious new Shore map.
But this is no simple ecological survey…the dread Sea King Orgbran threatens the peace of the coast and it’s up to you to stop him!


New Quests, Extreme Quests and Enhanced Dark Falz Elder – Take your skills to the next level and train in the new X-Trials, from the ice-cold Frozen Grounds and the Dragon-infested Greenscape. We have added numerous Client Requests and Quest for to challenge more of the ARKS. And if you think you’ve got what it takes, then take on the newly-enhanced Dark Falz Elder for the greatest challenge you will ever face!

Concert – Familiar with Kuhna? You can watch her concert in-game. Get hyped fighting D-arkers with her song “Our Fighting”.

I manage to find the first concert that was held and take by players from the SEA server!
Credits to Kinetic Revolution

Seasonal Event:
Shea also introduces new seasonal event for this release.
The “White Day” gain rewards as you finish her requests.

New Scratch Items:
in line with the introduction of the new race and class. There will be more costumes and
scratch items for players to play with their characters and quarters.
Phantasy Star Online Episode 2 will be unleashed March 5, 2015. So sign up and sign on for the
biggest adventure of your lives in the exciting new chapter of PSO2!

Phantasy Star Online 2 is the sequel to the pioneer online Action RPG, Phantasy Star Online,
by SEGA Corporation.

More information about the patch can be found here:
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ALL INFORMATION AND PICTURE IS PROVIDED BY Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited


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