Comic Fiesta 2014 [Experience as a visitor]

To end the year with a blast, Team Odorustage went to the Comic Fiesta 2014. Held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on the 27th & 28th of December, it is one of Malaysia’s biggest ACG events. Not to mention, it’s our first time attending the Comic Fiesta! So, we were pretty excited for what was to come.

As always, we packed our bags, planned our schedules and our route — so that we wouldn’t get lost! Since this was to be the last conversation topic of the year, we went one day before the start of the event and caught a glimpse of the event setups, and a rough layout of the site.


We took a quick look and realized that there were quite a lot of areas to be covered as the scale of the event was quite large. After reviewing the venue, plans, and getting all my gear into place, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for the day ahead. However, with so many changes in plans, we were bound to need help. I mean, it IS a really big event.. Luckily, I managed to get the help of my friends from the Hipstar Cospics: Mr Vin Thundercloud and Fringe & Film Mr Archie Kwa. With such great help and big event to come, I was excited!

2014-12-27 13.18.59

With a big head start, off we went! To our surprise, the Comic Fiesta fans were already there!

Here is a short footage from the entrance:

A few hours later, the Comic Fiesta was now open. We headed straight to the opening of the
Semi-Finals of The Legends Circuit Winter 2014 (TLC 2014) to kick-start the first event of the day!!2014-12-27 10.25.56DSC_3349DSC_3424DSC_3367DSC_3385

It’s always exciting to see players battling each other on stage with their skills and tactics in LoL to win the championship!!!
Here are some footage that I took~

(P.S It’s quite shaky!)

Semi Finals Players Introduction:

Cosplayer Introduction:

When the opening ended, the semi-finals began! Of course, the Cosplay competition on the stage started as well. Sad to say, I was not on time for the competition… but I managed to watch some of the games! It was really exciting, and it kept the audience all pumped up!!!

-To watch the TLC matches, click on the link below~

On a side note, there is an on going competition that’s happening right now, between the Asian countries called the ‘LEGENDS CYBER ARENA’.
For more information or to view the game, visit the websites below~


Alright, let’s get back to the main topic~

Right after the opening of the Garena stage, we went from booth to booth to check out the goods.
20141227_0940442014-12-27 09.41.112014-12-27 09.39.222014-12-27 09.57.5020141227_0945502014-12-27 14.02.32
There were such an abundance of booths, that it was like walking through Takashimaya in Singapore, or Akihabara in Japan. Aside from merchandise, there were also the newest games to try out!
20141228_1040572014-12-28 10.50.562014-12-28 10.36.18

On the third floor of KLCC, there were talks by Square Enix’s Mr Hashimoto Shinji and Mr Wan Hazmer, a Pokemon Tournament, more Cosplay competitions, and many other performances. Unfortunately, it was so packed that I missed out a couple of programs… 😦

Although I may have missed many stage events during Comic Fiesta, it’s alright because I have gotten to know more cosplayers! I also managed to help Mr Vin in a bit of his photography; it was really fun too.
Here are the links to the photos that he took~

Day 1 pictures~
Day 2 pictures~

For more works by Mr Vin, do visit his Facebook page at Hipstar Cospics! Just click the link below!

In conclusion, the whole event was a big hit for many ACG fans. It had a total of 49,000 visitors! Isn’t that really amazing for a community based event? At the end of both days, everyone had big smiles on their faces. As for me, I had such a great time at the Comic Fiesta that I would like to thank the Comic Fiesta committee, volunteers, exhibitors, artists, sponsors, partners and everyone else who made this event possible! To Mr Vin Thundercloud and Mr Archie Kwa, thank you for your help!



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