Animax Dec-Christmas to NEW YEAR!


Let`s get into the christmas mood as Animax is bringing you a well-loved classic anime series Ranma 1/2, which will premiere on Christmas eve, 24 Dec 2014 at 6pm.

Ranma 1/2

Premiering 24 December 2014 (Wednesday) 6pm/ 5pm (JKT)

Every Monday to Friday at 6pm/ 5pm (JKT)

Animax is available in Singapore on StarHub Ch 532.


A romantic comedy about Ranma, a guy who changes into a girl when doused in cold water, and his relationship with Akane, a girl who hates boys.

RNM_m_31 RNM_m_18 RNM_m_16 RNM_m_13 RNM_j_01 RNM_j_02 RNM_j_39 RNM_m_09 ranma2 ranma1


Ranma Saotome and his father are martial artists who travel to China to train. However, they accidentally fall into the cursed springs of Jusenkyo and from then on, Ranma changes into a girl when doused in cold water while hot water changes him back into a guy. To make matters worse, his father has him engaged to Akane Tendo, a girl who dislikes boys.

As 2014 is coming to an end, Animax is ready to start of 2015 with 4 exciting anime with you. They are….

1. Hunter x Hunter III
2. Little Battlers eXperience WARS
3. VALVRAVE The Liberator
4. Inari, Kon Kon

Hunter x Hunter III (Episode 26 – 48) [Series Finale]

Hunter x Hunter III premieres 27 January 2015 at 7.30pm, Mon – Fri.


Catch the riveting finale to the Chimera Ants arc! Will Gon be able to get Kite back or will he end up losing himself? What will be the fates of the King and the Chimera Ants? Also, don’t miss out on the appearance of the Zodiacs, twelve Hunters whose skills have been recognised by Netero, in the new arc! Amongst the Zodiacs is Gon’s father, Ging! Will Gon finally be able to meet his father?

Little Battlers eXperience WARS  [First & Exclusive]

Little Battlers eXperience WARS premieres on 6 January 2015 at 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.




The battle for the future begins now! Arata Sena and Hikaru Hoshihara are new transfer students at Kamui Daimon Comprehensive Academy, the foremost training institution for LBX players in the world and where students hone their skills at battling using the palm-sized robots known as LBXs. Both Arata and Hikaru are assigned to the same platoon, and alongside their other platoon mates, they engage in battle simulations in the massive diorama under the school known as Second World that is an accurate scale model of Earth. As Arata and Hikaru face down rivals and delve deeper into the hidden secrets concealed within the academy, what incredible mystery will they uncover about the school?

VALVRAVE The Liberator (Season 1 & 2) [First & Exclusive]

VALVRAVE The Liberator premieres on 5 January 2015, airing every Monday to Wednesday at 11pm, first and exclusively on Animax Asia.


Animax, Asia’s first channel specializing in anime programming, is set to premiere the action-packed anime series, VALVRAVE The Liberator in November! As the channel’s latest blockbuster title, the edgy sci-fi and mecha series will bring exhilarating action into our world with 2 explosive seasons airing back-to-back.

vvv_teaser_cut syouko saki haruto

keyvisual_2nd l-elf


Created by Sunrise Studio (Cowboy Bebop, Mobile Suit Gundam), VALVRAVE The Liberator is set in a world where 70% of the human population lives in space, following the story of a high-school student named Haruto Tokishima. Haruto is a kind, warm-hearted young man who hates violence, but all that will change when his peaceful home is suddenly invaded by the military forces of Dorssia Military Pact Federation. When his whole world comes crashing down, he discovers a mysterious humanoid weapon called the Valvrave. Haruto is forced to decide between saving his friends and abandoning his own humanity. Will he be able to liberate the world with his newly acquired powers?

Chart-topping opening themes by renowned anime song artistes

The anime is also accompanied by two remarkably popular, chart-topping opening themes ‘Preserved Roses’ (Season One) and ‘Kakumei Dualism’ (Season Two), performed by celebrated Japanese anime song artistes T.M Revolution and Nana Mizuki.

Multiple spin-offs to satisfy fans of the series

Lauded by critics and fans alike for the unconventional delivery of story, the anime series was subsequently adapted into manga, serialized by magazines and had three light novels published.

Inari, Kon Kon [First & Exclusive]

Inari, Kon Kon premieres 13 January 2015, 7.30pm/6.30pm (JKT), Monday to Friday

Inari Poster Keyart

03 01


Inari Fushimi is a shy and clumsy girl who has a crush on her classmate Kouji. One day, Inari saves a baby fox thus earning the gratitude of the shrine goddess Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami. She appears to Inari and grants her the ability to shape-shift. With her new found powers, will Inari be able to muster up the courage and make her feelings known to Kouji?

Viewers from all over the country you can catch this series on Animax from your local operator on this channels

Country Cable Operator Channel No.
SG Starhub Tv – Ch 532
MY Astro – Ch 715
PH Skycable – Ch 46
Cignal Digital TV – Ch 34
ID First Media Digital – Ch 52
First Media Analog Jarkata – Ch 3
aora – Ch 417
Indovision – Ch 157
Topas TV – Ch 201
BiG TV – Ch 243

For more information please visit their website:



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