Comic Fiesta 2014 (Interview/Programmes)


One more day to Comic Fiesta! And i was thinking we should get to know more about CF before we get to know more !
So during Comic Fiesta Mini, i had met up with the Director of Comic Fiesta Mr Nerv for an Short Interview!

A short introduction of Mr Nerv,

People call me Nerv and i am the president of comic fiesta and the organization that run comics fiesta is called SAYS Youth Society society.

Q1:What is the aim and vision for this event?

This event have 3 objective we are trying to achieve first of all we try to promote local challenge in terms of all sorts of talents like singing, dancing, cosplaying, props making, drawing, story telling, music making and all sorts of talents in malaysia and secondly we are trying to push as in promote ACG culture to more people to try to let more people know how good is anime, how good is gaming and how good is the animation scene and all this entertainment industry. and the third objective which is the most important thing is we celebrate this culture, we celebrate what we love, we celebrate the love of anime, we celebrate the love game and stuff.

Q2:This year itself, what can we look forward for Comic Fiesta 2014?

Frankly, i not sure yet, because a lot of things still in planning but what you can be looking for is a much more polish stage events because we are trying to give our audience a more professional stage events experience so that you can play, you can have fun and more higher qualities artist …… and with a more unique exhibition that`s what we are looking for!

Q3: Let`s say if i have a chance to introduce to you a few local artist in Singapore itself but they are not very famous yet but they usually performed in quite a lot of events. Would you like to invite them to CF itself to give them a chance to perform in Malaysia on CF stage?

Definitely we are open to all sort of suggestion and first of all we will have to like look into their, how good is their performance, we don’t care about their fame but we are more care about the quality they can deliver. Currently we are talking with a few indonesian cosplay performance that we are inviting them over as a guest performance for our cosplay competition. So can i have a hint of which indonesian performance you are inviting later maybe we will keep it a secret first!


So after getting to know more about CF! Let me officially introduce you Comic Fiesta Malaysia 2014!

CF2014-web_HomeBanner_guest_dannychoo CF2014-web_HomeBanner_guest_shigetoCF2014-web_HomeBanner_guest_se

Comic Fiesta is an annual event in Malaysia, this year in Kuala Lumpur, featuring the Anime, Comic, and Games (ACG) culture in Malaysia. Special guests include Danny Choo, from Culture Japan, Shingeto Koyama, Designer behind Kill la Kill, Star Driver, and even Disney’s Big Hero 6, Shinji Hashimoto and Wan Hazmer from SQUARE ENIX, the brains behind Final fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

There are also guest cosplayers from other countries are invited for the event!

CF2014-web_HomeBanner_guest_king CF2014-web_HomeBanner_guest_mon CF2014-web_HomeBanner_guest_liui

Held in december, at the Kuala Lumpur convention centre, it aims to be the best ACG event in the region. It brings new sights, sounds, and excitement to fans over the final weekend of December, from the 27th to the 28th! The website,, cautions event goers to go earlier for the event, due to huge crowds, but gates open at 10 am, and the event ends at 7pm on both days.

The layout of the event is quite simple, with a stage for those who get approved by the committee to perform their acts, and an Art market, here is a map to help you all:

Game tournaments, with cash prizes, are also held, titles such as Ultra Street Fighter IV, Pokemon ΩRΑS, and Ultimate CapCom Vs Marvel featured.
CF2014-Web-Highlights-v1_poke CF2014-Web-Highlights-v1_100-day CF2014-Web-Highlights-v1_coscomp

Finally, there is the cosplay competition, Space Opera! This features a 2 part assessment.
1: Free play, one minute.
2: Scenario Slot, a maximum of 30 slots available!

The former lets the individual show off their skill in character, while the latter puts participants in teams of 7, with a variety of roles given to each member, where they mist work together to form a skit!

CF2014-Web-Highlights-v1_stage CF2014-Web-Highlights-v1_tourney_usf

With all these highlights, what’s not to love about Comic Fiesta 2014?
Come along for the ride guys!

All information is provide by Comic Fiesta Organization 


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