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A new and updated Audition is coming your way! After having a great success in Audition, Asiasoft is going to present to you WORLD OF AUDITION! Of course, there will be more new game interfaces for all audition fans out there, and for players who are looking for something challenging, love music and  wants really cute avatars~
World of Audition is the game for you to try out!

Star Training CourseStar Training Course Chapter 1b Star Training Course Chapter 2

So, before I introduce more about the game, we would like to share with you about the experience of the game! Of course, first and foremost, I would like to thank Asiasoft for inviting us to the Hands-On Alpha Preview Event on 17 of October.

For Shiolee, it’s the first time ever he had his hands on Audition, but nothing is getting in his way to make his game prefect 😀 For the mini competition!
Well of course, Shiolee had also invited two gamers along to try out the gamen and of course try to win the mini competition too! Competitiveness is what games are all about most of the time, isn’t it 😉

2014-10-17 19.11.21 2014-10-17 19.14.14 2014-10-17 20.15.37

Right before the mini Competition, many players will have the opportunity to get a hands-on approach to the game, trying the game for themselves! We tried out two new modes for World in Audition, The Bling Holing and Shooting star! For all of us, it’s really challenging and all of the players are trying their best to get into the grooves with the new game modes!!

During the event there is 2 mini competitions that consisted of the two new games mode! As the competition was tough for all the players, we did lose the competition even though we had more people with us! But nevertheless, we all had a lot of fun during the event, even we didn’t get the amazing prize sponsored by SonicGear and Armggeddon! Congratulations to all the winners during the event!

1520790_678765842241203_3047976238047517155_n 10437507_673831029401351_7933051517447174141_n


After all of the excitement about the event, let me introduce and tell you more about all the new modes, and why it’s a must to try out, for this all new…




Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (“Asiasoft”) had concluded the end of the World In Audition Alpha Preview in Singapore and Malaysia last Sunday. Today, the dancing game has entered Closed Beta and will be available to players till 27 October 2014, 0900hrs (GMT +8). Asiasoft has also launched a poll to invite players to vote for the songs they want to be featured in World In Audition.

Developed by Hanbitsoft, World In Audition is the sequel to Southeast Asia number one dancing game, AuditionSEA*. The new game offers a fresh spin to the franchise with improved game features, and more ways for socializing and customization. New dance modes, Bling Holing and Shooting Star Mode, are also introduced to amp up the variety and difficulty of the rhythm game in World In Audition.

A diversity of new in-game features are also in-store for greater player interaction with one another. For instance, players can decorate and customize their own waiting rooms in the World In Audition Studio.

New features in World In Audition include:

  • New selection of songs and fashion from latest K-pop trends
  • New Dance Modes: Bling Holing Mode, Shooting Star Mode
    Bling Holing1Shooting Star (8Keys)2
  • New In-game Features: Fairy Garden, Hall of Fame Reward System, Star Training Course Tutorial, WIA Smart Phone, Apprenticeship, Ladder GameHall of Fame Reward Ladder Game Fairy Garden1
  • Interactive Waiting Rooms, Studio, Agency
    Waiting Room 1Waiting Room 2
    Other than having the new interactive features, World in Audition also has the similar features from the previous Audition games
  • Beat Up, Dance Battle, Finestar and many more!

Finestar_2 Beat Up Dance Battle Crazy 4 Keys_2

  • Last but not least, there is always a shop for players to ignite the fashion sense in them!!!

Shopping Mall_1 Shopping Mall_2


As the preparations for the official release of World In Audition begin, Asiasoft has opened up for inputs from the players in the choice of songs for the game. From a list of 20 popular K-pop, J-pop, Mando-pop and English songs, players can vote up to three of their favourite songs they will like to play in the game!

AuditionSEA has been a great success in the region and we are proud to be publishing its sequel, World In Audition,” says Quach Dong Quang, Regional Product Director (RPG/Casual) of Asiasoft. “One of the key features of Audition franchise is that it allows users to play a multiplayer online rhythm game along the beats of popular songs. We have seen many requests for songs in the past and now we are opening up to allow players to pick the songs they want to play with in World In Audition.”

The World In Audition voting campaign will run from 23 October to 5 November 2014 and players can participate in the poll here: http://bit.ly/WIAVoteForYourSongs. The top ten songs chosen by players will be submitted to Hanbitsoft for consideration, to be included into World In Audition in the future game patches. The results of the poll will be unveiled on 6 November 2014 online through World In Audition official Facebook page.


Players are to be reminded that all in-game data will be reset once the Closed Beta phase ends on 27 October 2014, 0900hrs (GMT +8). Game features such as Apprenticeship, Ladder Game and FAM will be made available in game updates after the upcoming Open Beta phase for World In Audition.


For more information about the English client and the game updates for World In Audition, please visit: http://wia.playpark.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/WorldInAudition.EN.

Screenshots of World In Audition new game features can be found here: http://bit.ly/WIACBTScreenShots

(*Based on Asiasoft’s internal data)

For more information, please contact:


Ian Purnomo
MarComm Manager, Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd
Mobile: +65 9008 4538
Email: ian.purnomo@asiasoftsea.net


Geraldine Bai
MarComm Executive, Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd
Mobile: +65 9126 9374
Email: geraldine.bai@asiasoft.net


About Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (“Asiasoft”) is a leading regional online entertainment service provider in Southeast Asia with dominant market share in the region covering Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and The Philippines. The company was established in Thailand in 2001 and has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 2008. The Asiasoft Group invests in online games publishing, online game development, game portal services (www.playpark.com and www.playfps.com) and other IT related businesses. The Group has more than 86 million registered user accounts and 49 active online games from various international content partners.



World In Audition (www.website.com) is the sequel to hit online dancing game, AuditionSEA. Developed by Hanbitsoft, the free-to-play multiplayer online rhythm game amps up popular attributes from its precedent title and introduces new game modes and customizable features to deliver a variety of ways for players to enjoy music and to socialize online. Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (www.asiasoft.net) is the publisher of the game in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

ALL INFORMATION AND PICTURE IS PROVIDED BY Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited



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