[GAME]Strife: Origins Tournament Opens to All


Calling to all Strife players! Asiasoft has recently unveiled its plans to host seeding tournaments for Strife: Origins, for players in Singapore. 8 tournament will be held in various cyber cafe all around Singapore and players are free to participate in this tournament by registering their details and with 4 other team members on the official Strife tournament website.

The first match will kick off on 1 Nov 2014, at JCube Gaming CyberCafe. Players who are participating can check the date and venue of the subsequent tournament on the offical Strife website.Get ready to face your greatest challenge, and Strife(pun intended) to be the strongest team in Singapore. (Link Below)

Strife tournament site: http://strife.playpark.com/sg/tournament/index.html

Strife SEA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StrifeSEA

This tournament will be held every saturday till 20 Dec 2014, and each tournament is open to the first 16 teams registered. All tournament matches will be casted by professional MOBA eSports Shoutcaster, Babael, from Epic Gaming TV and be shown live via Playpark’s Twitch and Playpark SEA’s official YouTube Channel.

Epic Gaming Tv:https://www.facebook.com/EpicGamingTelevision

Twitch Playpark:www.twitch.tv/playparksea

Playpark`s Official Youtube Channel:http://youtu.be/7molDdenF54

We like to offer our appreciation to Asiasoft Online for holding this wonderful tournament in Singapore.



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