Comic Fiesta Mini 2014!


Comic Fiesta Mini! An Event held in Malaysia, Penang Time Square from 27-28 September 2014 End with a great success !

Last Month, Shiolee and Dexter from Scarlet_ headed to Penang for the event!!  Well it’s Shiolee and Scarlet_ first time being at Comic Fiesta Mini! So as always we have our Gears equipped make sure we are comfortable before we head to the event mall! Yep you didn’t read wrongly, the event is at a mall! What i can said that the scale of the event quite small! Yet they have lots of thing line-up on stage plus many booths and not forgetting they have Guest Cosplayers as well to bring joy and laughters to the audiences!

So heading into the event~ don’t mind the Aitori
2014-09-28 12.17.54

As we head in to the event, there is something had caught my eye! Is this!


The Stage event! In every event, there is always something out there always that is entertaining and it’s always the stage events that brings everyone together! So during the time that we were there, it was the Meet & Greet session with the cosplay guests and lucky winners were invited to be onstage to play games with the guests! So here are some footage of them on stage!


Ying Tze:

Misa(Credits: Allan Ling):

So before the end of the Meet and Greet session, they have a group photo~

IMG_0287 (2)
redit: Scalet_ AKA Dexter

They were freaking cute and funny!! Don’t all agree? So Right after the Stage event, We headed straight to the Autograph session for Ying Tze, Angie and Misa!! And of course there is a huge crowd there too! Here take a look!

Taking the chance as the crowds were slightly lesser, we head around booths to take a look  at what are sold there! And by surprise there were so much things there and i cannot decide what to buy!

IMG_0328  IMG_0325

Credits: Scarlet_ AKA Dexter

There is more here!!!
Booth ShowCase:

As the time goes by and the event is coming to an end. As we headed back to the stage, there were people going up to the stage and they were dancing! IT was a Dance-off! They are having so much fun, even Misa was there too!
IMG_0475 IMG_0483
Credits: Scarlet_ AKA Dexter

We do have a footage for this joyful event!

As we parted from the event venue, we felt that that is never enough! So we had plan to head Comic Fiesta this year during the December from 27-28! Here is the event page for Comic Fiesta!

So on the part 2 of the article, we will be looking into the minds of the organizer! So Stay tune to it!


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