AFA ID [The interview with Cosplayers] Part 3

During part two of the article we talk about the freedom of the Guest Cosplayers. So in the last part of the article we will be going to get to know more about the guest cosplayers and what really motivates them to move on.

First up we met Ying tze for the interview!


Ying Tze a Cosplayer from Malaysia, she is also anime & manga fan ,costume-making enthusiast ,
blogger and a cat lover too~





So here is our first question.

Q1:Why Did you started cosplaying?

Q2: Did Cosplay Affect your daily life?

Q3: Do You have any advice for the cosplayers out there?

Well Spoken Ying Tze! From this interview we have learn many things and looks like she balances out her life really well too! So up next, we have another guest that most of Ying Tze’s followers would know or i can say that they are like cosplay sisters in their hometown!



Her Name is Angie! She is also a from cosplayer from Malaysia! She likes comics, animes and novels! She also started cosplay playing during her college years by the influences by her friends.

Q1: Angie i heard that your been invited to Japan last year, How does it feel being there?

Angie: Form me it’s like a dream come true! I always want to go Japan so i need to save money and make plans to have a nice holiday there. But then when i was looking through my  e-mail, i was shock that i was invited to Japan! So when i reach Japan i felt like i was in the Anime world almost everything look similar from the anime itself!I love the environment there, the food there was really awesome. The food in Japan is quite different from the Japanese food i ate in Malaysia. I also when to a lot of exhibition in Japan,i went visiting some of the anime studios . I noted one something about Japanese is, they are very polite. In every shop i went to i was Greet and Bow as we enter the shop, not just that even when i bought a small merchandise the person who service you guided me out of the shop and thank me for purchasing from them with a warm smile!

Q2: So after viewing the Japan exhibition, I would like to know between Malaysia Comic Fiesta and Japan Exhibition. Which one do your prefer? 

For me i love my hometown culture more, it’s because even though all of the Anime and  merchandise are from Japan but being in my home town there is a mixture with our culture not just that,you can feel the difference too.

Q3: As being a Invited Cosplay Guest to many counties, I am really cursion. How did you manage making to make so much costumes within a limited time frame? 

To be honest i spent a lot of my time in this hobby, so my weeks were mainly going to school and cosplaying.(Laugh) If you have the passion to do something , you have to really sacrifice and put in lot of hardwork into them. For example, when my friends were hanging out and enjoying their time as for me, I will be out having Photoshoots or at home making costumes. It’s also the passion that is there pushing me and bring me to new heights. A lot of people even my parents do question me, why do i put so much effort into the hobby, it’s like a waste of time, money and effort too. Why not leave sometime to think about your future? I also reply that i will think about my future but still i will leave some time to my hobby too.

Q4: Do You have any advice for the cosplayers out there?

I believe in the effort that the cosplay puts in to cosplay is important. For example, the person may not be suitable for a character but making the effort makes a lot of differences. Comparing people who is born pretty and cosplay causally without putting effort, those who puts in more effort will get their effort recognize. Cosplay is also not about if he/she is suitable a not, it’s also about the love for the characters themselves.


Wow that was an wonderful interview with Angie and Ying tze. Looking at the effort they put into their hobbies makes them what they are today. Having so much fun and enjoyment in doing what you like is a bless for all of us we should really learn something from both of them. So the is the end of the Part 3 article of  AFA ID. I would like to take this time to thank SOZO(  and the staff of AFA ID to make this event a huge success and this article alive. Without their help this articles would be out. THANK YOU!


Do your like the new style of interview written on this article? If you have any comments your like to share just drop it below 😀  OH by the way, this maybe the last part of the article or not erm… STAY TUNE to find out 🙂


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