ICDS 2014 [Part 1]


This year ICDS was held at SCAPE on 24th August 2014. For those that couldnt make it on that day, no worry we will share the event that is happening on that day, so lets begin!

Let`s start with the booth that is display in the auditorium at SCAPE:

Now Im sure most of you have heard of this upcoming game created by Blizzard called <strong>Heroes of the Storm. </strong>Here in ICDS, theres a booth that allows you to try the game and not to forget, there`s amazing prizes to be won.


A little bit of info about this game:

Heroes of the Storm is an upcoming new MOBA games from Blizzard. This game has a wide variety of heroes to choose from. What are the heroes you can choose from? Well… in Heroes of the storm, you can immediately recognise the heroes in this game. Because, all the heroes in this game came from other Blizzard games such as Diablo, Starcraft and World of Warcraft.

For more information you can check out here: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/

Jay Tablante has come down to Singapore to showcase his beautiful artwork at SCAPE. Heres a few pic of his artwork that was show at SCAPE. For those who do not know who is Jay Tablante, heres a short little info about him. Jay Tablante is a self-proclaimed ‘geek with a camera’, who has created some of the most iconic images known to the cosplay world. He has worked with artists from Marvel & D.C., and collaborated with cosplayers such as Alodia, Vampy and Yaya Han.

10408902_10201727136980749_1596294745723858154_n 10561695_10201727136500737_8518867861731372996_n 10626783_10201727137220755_8768668405111202642_n

If you like his artwork, you can check more of his works at the link below.

Let`s head to Level 4 of SCAPE and see what else they have installed for us.
Now we are here at Level 4. Just look at all the different booth selling various anime items. Let`s check a few of them out and see what they are selling.
Look! Pokemon Keychains! Aren`t they cute?
Here we have a booth name called [Twin Rabbit]
This unique shop sold many variety of  merchandise (For e.g Key chains, Badges, etc…). The cute and colorful designs that you see on the items are drawn by the talented members of Twin Rabbits. They have a service which allows you to custom made your badges and the price will be cheaper if the desire design is not in their list. Do visit them and talk to them if you ever meet them in the next event, don`t worry they won`t bite, they are very friendly and helpful people.
For more information about them, you can check out the links below:

Here are some artwork which are display beside the booth at level 4 in case some of you might have miss out.
These artworks are drawn by different artist from different country. Their own unique way of drawing and coloring make each individual pictures stands out from one another. Here they are!

10620760_10201727140540838_4996932962145305877_n 10641169_10201727142540888_3035917547264526851_n 10641170_10201727142820895_721403732679986867_n 10645332_10201727141860871_4801080053283529145_n10623051_10201727141380859_244686562315241714_n


Now lets head to level 5! Before we head into the gallery, theres a few picture that was posted on the wall just outside the gallery, I`m pretty sure none of you miss that out.



Here we are! Inside the gallery!  Inside the gallery there are even more booth which sell different art style anime merchandise. Here`s one of the booth below.


There`s also a display of comic and artworks inside the gallery as well.


Moving on to Part 2 of ICDS 2014


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