AFA ID 2014 [It’s Never Enough] Part 1


AFA ID 2014 a once a year event held during 15-17 Aug at Jakarta Convention Center. That brought  many cosplayers and J-culture lover together to enjoy the event!

IMG_8710 IMG_8715 IMG_8667

This were the first time for Shiolee(Odorustage) and Dexter(Scarlet_) to go indonesia for AFA ID! So with our handly gears, tickets and of course our wallet we enter the hall with much excitement!


The moment everyone step into an Anime convention of course they will rush to booths to grab their favourite merchandise before going around and have a look in other booths! As for us, we did the same too we went to the AFA shop! And we manage to see Ying Tze at her meet and greet session too!

IMG_8308IMG_8312  IMG_8306

So after the Meet & Greet with Ying Tze and have gotten what we wanted, we headed straight to the Culture Japan booth and look at thought amazing product of Mirai Suenaga. It’s always an amazing experience going to his booth because other then buying the goods by Culture Japan.  We manage also get to meet The man behind all this in person Mr Danny Choo and have a Short chat with him too. Hope to be like him one day!

IMG_8319 IMG_8378IMG_8371
or more information about Mirai Suenaga or Culture Japan, Do visit


After doing what we having so much awesome time talking and buying goodies,we went around viewing other booths and quite an amount of booth have caught my eyes like Animax , CatchJapan, Tomodachi, SONY and many more!

IMG_8317  IMG_8385 IMG_8388  IMG_8392IMG_8318

Passing by  the Cool Japan booths, looking at the booth reminds how we started follow the J-culture!

IMG_8332 IMG_8333


So as we move on , my and my partner was attracted by a very big red booth very near to the AFA shop.
IT’s re:ON Comics Booth, they are local artists who writes and draw manga plus they are also Illustrators too! They also have two cute ladies who cosplay as their mascot!

IMG_8323  IMG_8366


Get to know more about them,Visit them at~


After a long day of walking we headed to the AFA cafe for a short rest! And the moment we were welcome with many great smiles by the butlers and maidos! It’s feels like being in an anime scene!! I believe this is a mini heaven for many fans of maido/butler cafe!

IMG_8728 IMG_8732 IMG_8762

Look at all the awesome smile from all the customers who went in 🙂

IMG_8743IMG_8751  IMG_8760


And not just that AFA cafe also not just for young, it also brought in people of all ages!

It’s always a good and fun experience at the AFA cafe! Everyone always leave the cafe with a smile from the maidos and butlers of course not forgetting the amazing food plus a nice cheki with the maido/butler to keep to remember this day 🙂

IMG_8753  IMG_8756IMG_8763


IMG_8704 2014-08-17 08.47.25 2014-08-17 08.47.06

As the night is drawing near and right before the concert starts! We head to the nears area called the Creators hub where we are able to see so much local artists showcasing and selling their goods at their booth!

It was a eye opener for both of us, as this is our first time experiencing overseas and this is not all! This is just Part 1 of the article! There will be a Part 2 of our article!! The clue is~>>>>COSPLAY!!!! STAY TUNE!!!


Banner: IS provide by Team AFA and SOZO. All Rights Reserved 


All Photos is own by Team Odorustage do Credit us if you use them


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