ICDS New look 2014

Hey everyone! Today, I shall bring you on a tour on an upcoming event call…… ICDS 2014!


The event will be held on: 24 August 2014
Venue: SCAPE Levels 2,4 & 5
Time: 11am – 8pm

Before we start off our journey into ICDS 2014:

The Neo Tokyo Project will be launching an E.P.I.C lifestyle card on ICDS 2014

What is an E.P.I.C Lifestyle Card?
– It is a renewable, annual membership programme that stands for:
Enthusiasts, Photographer, Illustrator, Creator (E.P.I.C)

It offers exclusive perks and discounts at stores retailing theatrical make-up, art and craft supplies, computer games, geek paraphernalia, photography studios and chic geek hangouts


Membership Card will come in four design
made by homegrown illustration studio: FantaisieNocturne Productions

Here they are:

EPIC Card redEPIC Card greenEPIC Card blueEPIC Card white

Premium ticket holdersand convention goers who complete ConQuest, an interactive
scavenger hunt, will be able to sign up for free
Alternatively, visitors can also purchase a membership card for $5 at the door.


For every adventures entering ICDS we always need a map to guide us to our location. Luckily there`s a map given to us. Try not to get lost.Here`s the map for Levels 2,4 & 5 of ICDS:
  Level 2 Floor Plan 2014 small Level 4 Floor Plan 2014 small Level 5 Floor Plan 2014 small
Now that we have our gears set, let`s go on an journey into ICDS 2014!
This year, we have 3 Guest of Honour for ICDS 2014, they are…..
A short introduction about her:
Her name is Svetlana Quindt and she is from Germany. She is one of the world`s few full-time professional cosplayers and costume maker. She make the most stunning and jaw dropping armor costume which was inspired from Blizzard and had won her international acclaim.
For more information about her, you can click the link below
A short introduction about him:
He is an Australia-based Vietnamese cosplayer with a penchant for sizzling hot male characters.He was awarded a prize for his portrayal of Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara at SMASH! 2012 as part of Team Sexy Beast. He also create tutorial about cosplaying.
For more information about him, you can click on the link below:
A short introduction about him:
A self-proclaimed ‘geek with a camera’, Philippines`s photographer Jay Tablante has created some of the most iconic images known to the cosplay world. His career started with shooting model-wannabe friends in college and he has worked with artists from Marvel & D.C., and collaborated with cosplayers such as Alodia, Vampy and Yaya Han.
For more information about him, click on the link below:
The schedule for the events are as followed:
While having fun in the event, don`t forget about the greet and meet session with Dat-Baka Cosplay, Kamui and check out Jay`s latest work.
This year ICDS 2014 have pack quite alot of fun and exciting events for everyone. Check them out!
Anime Quiz Challenge:
Sponsored by Anime Yorozuya, this stage game for anime lovers and
J-culture fans will have teams pit their wits in a no-holds barred trivia contest, with more than
$1,000 in original character goods to be won.
AniDance & Music Party:
Wind down after a day of excitement with this 2-hour concert
featuring more than 20 homegrown talents and performers, bringing you a range of popular
anime songs, DJ remixes, and live music on stage.
Cosplay Activities:
ICDS will feature both a Cosplay Runway for novice cosplayers, as well as
a Cosplay Talent Showcase competition for cosplayers who wish to strut their stuff and dazzle
the stage. Prizes for the competition include Brother sewing machines ($398), cosmetics
hampers from our Preferred Beauty Brands, and studio photography vouchers by Camwerkz Pte Ltd
A scavenger hunt that rewards visitors simply for being a part of the convention, this
year’s ConQuest will encourage greater interaction with cosplayers. Take selfies with cosplayers
and at selected activity zones to net stamps and win prizes. What’s more, participate in the
grand draw, and you may stand a chance to win a dinner date with our Guest-of-honor Dat-
Doujin Market:
Doujin Market, or ‘Doujima’ for short, is a bi-annual exhibition by independent
artists in Singapore’s doujin scene. Curated in collaboration with CDS Studios and Daiyaku,
Doujin Market at ICDS will see 34 artist groups showcasing their work.
In addition to the fair, there will be workshops for aspiring doujin artists and the public conducted by seasoned artists and writers.
Extravaganza & Kaleidoscope:
This year, ICDS plays host to Extravaganza & Kaleidoscope.
Co-organized by NUSCAS, NTUVAS and CDS Studio, this annual regional arts and illustration
competition will feature winning entries in three different categories – comprising of Graphite
(Digital Art Competition), INK! (Traditional Art) and Sequential Art, as well as an exhibition
segment titled Kaleidoscope. This year’s Extravaganza is supported by the National Arts
Council’s Matchbox initiative.
Geekology 2.0 Exhibition by Jay Tablante:
Cosplay photography enthusiasts are in for a treat
as Jay Tablante returns with Geekology 2.0, his annual photography exhibition in Singapore.
Having worked with legendary cosplayers around the world, Jay’s exhibition will showcase the
skill and rigor behind his seminal works. This year will also see him debut some never before
seen pieces at ICDS.
Singapore’s Annual Cosplay Chess:
Into it’s fourth year, Singapore’s Annual Cosplay Chess
returns with the theme of “Heroes & Villains: Your Move!”.
This year’s stage show will feature greater interactivity between the audience, who will be invited
on stage to be a part of the program, with their contributions defining the direction the show
takes next year
Hope you enjoy your tour with me! Now let`s us all get ready to go for ICDS 2014 @ SCAPE!


Ticket comes in different level of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary

‘Common’ Pass (Free)
    – Allow access to all four ‘Quest Hubs’ and stage activites
-Partake of ConQuest draw and most other facets of the convention
-Signing opportunities NOT guaranteed and subject to availability

‘Rare’ Pass ($10) –Limited to only 250 convention attendees, Rare Passes additionally allow:
    -Expedited Convention Entry
    -Access to signing sessions
    -1 exclusive A4 Kamui art print on quality card stock
    -1 exclusive A4 Dat-Baka cosplay print on quality card stock
    -Complimentary E.P.I.C. Card Membership
    -Bonus lucky draw chance
‘Epic’ Pass ($50) –Only 80 Epic Passes will be issued at ICDS. These passes are the next tier of
entry for the convention, and include:
-Expedited Convention Entry
    -Priority queue to signing sessions
    -Access to Q&A sessions and panels by Kamui and Dat-Baka
    -Exclusive prints on quality card stock
    -Pre-order of Jay Tablante’s Geekology 2.0 photo book
    -Complimentary E.P.I.C. Card Membership
    -Additional lucky draw chances
‘Legendary’ Pass ($100) –Only 20 Legendary Passes will be issued at ICDS. These passes are
the highest tier of entry for the convention, and include:
-Invitation to an exclusive studio photography masterclass with Jay Tablante and featuring
      Kamui on 23 August 2014 (Saturday)
    -Expedited Convention Entry
    -Priority queue to signing sessions
    -Access to Q&A sessions and panels by Kamui and Dat-Baka
    -Exclusive prints on quality card stock
    -Pre-order of Jay Tablante’s Geekology 2.0 photo book
    -Complimentary E.P.I.C. Card Membership
    -Additional lucky draw chances


ICDS tickets are available for sale at partner outlets, and through pre-order online. A limited

number of ‘Rare’ and ‘Epic’ passes will also be available at the door during the convention.
To reserve tickets, refer to: http://www.icdsg.com/index.php/buy-tickets
All information and photo by NEO TOKYO PROJECT! ALL RIGHT RESERVED

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