Cosfest XIII The Final Fantasy (2014)

This weekend start off with a very special 2 days event…..It`s called COSFEST XIII THE FINAL FANTASY!!!


The events are held at D’Marquee, Downtown East from 5th – 6th July 2014 @ 1pm – 6pm Look at all the cosplayers and audience waiting for the event to start!!! While waiting for the main event to start

There are many booths selling different merchandise

2014-07-06 15.49.28

Here you go Daiyaku one of the hot topic booth around many events! Visit them and get updated by following them!

2014-07-06 15.36.49

Here you go! Otakutachi! They are one of the most friendly shop that brings you many many Anime Merchandize!!! Do visit them on their page as well as their shop!

There is even a graffiti wall where you can show off your artwork here! Just look at all the nicely drawn image on the wall!

2014-07-06 15.54.45

Next up we have Asiasoft talking about the latest game from Japan made by Sega called Phantasy Star Online 2!Here is the trailer

not all, they also have a very special guest from Thailand, she is none other than Yuegene Fay! Doesn`t she look cool in her hunter costume?10435066_787019854666050_8313078726469935239_n10458073_787019897999379_1902270897695050273_nCredits: TH Photography(

There is even a mini games held with Yuegene Fay. Congratulations to all the winners!!! Now for those of you who wants to know more about Yuegene Fay, you can click on the link below to follow or find out more about her.


Facebook Official:








Here we have a few performers performing during the CosfestXIII The Final Fantasy.

Their performance was so energetic and entertaining that it can even make the audience dance to the groove. (8) (14) (22) (23)

Video by: aksuperdance

Such an amazing performance by our lovely talented performers on stage. UP next after a long day of waiting!!! The Result are out for World Cosplay summit 2014! Congratulation to Oogami Ichiro and Aoi Satan For being the winning team for Singapore! Good luck with in Japan!!!! 😀


Credit: aksuperdance

 Here is the video of the result announcement Video by Operation P・Ani・C :

For more information of World Cosplay summit do visit or

If you like to know more or get more information on any event for Cosfest do visit

It have been a great day to team Odorustage and our working partners HipStars cospics!

Here is the link for some cosplay pictures by Hipstar Cospics? Go and have a look!

We also like to thanks other media who took their time over there to take photos and videos!



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