Terror in Resonance Screening Event

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Just two days before on 4 July, There is a Exclusive screening of Terror in Resonance an highly anticipated suspense anime Directed by the legendary Shinichiro Watanabe and renown music  composer Yoko Kanno .

There were invited guest, media and some lucky winners who get to watch the anime with us!

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So let me go in a bit to the anime introduce~

Terror in Resonance takes place in an alternate iteration of the present. Tokyo has been hit by a terrorist attack that has decimated the city, spreading paranoia in its wake. The only evidence of the culprits is a mysterious video uploaded to the Internet by terrorist group, Sphinx. Unbeknownst to the authorities, Sphinx are two teenage boys, who go by the names, “Nine” and “Twelve”. They have decided to wake the world up with their heinous plans of death and destruction with their fingers on the trigger.

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Alright heading straight to the event hall we have so much excited faces!

IMG_6427 TiR-2340

And after a moment of wait! We have A very cute Host for tonight and her name is Valerie from Asian Pop Collective !

TiR-2357 TiR-8325


So Here are some sneak preview of the anime Characters and let me introduce them to you!!

NineNine Voice by Kaito Ishikawa

Nine is bright and calm young  man who attends the same school as Twelve. His true motive is shrouded in mystery .

TwelveTwelve Voiced by: Soma Saitou

Twelve has an innocence of a child. He looks Nine as an as an older brother and attends same school as him. He usually works and follows Nines.

LisaLisa Mishima Voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki

Lisa goes to the same school that Nine and Twelve has been transferred into. She is Lisa goes to the class and has problems at home. Since meeting Twelve her her fate takes an unexpected turn.


 I love the plot of this whole anime and the characters are way too cool! I thought we are just going to watch one episode of Terror in Resonance but no we gotten to watch the second episode AWESOME!

DO Catch the anime series first on 21 July 2014 Every monday 11 PM and exclusively on ANIPLUS HD available on

Singtel Mio TV Ch340

On Demand Ch341


Thanks for the wonderful team that brought us the Aniplus thanks cherry credit for the amazing venue


ALL information and Image is by SOZO ,Aniplus and Sheepytrilogy


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