Pika Pika Party~ Great 1st year anniversary!


Pika Pika party had ended with a blast on 21 June! This time team Odoru Stage and Hipstar Cospics? have come together to enjoy the party!

This year Pika Pika Meido Cafe have their 1st year Anniversary at Fullhouse Signature! And we had a lot of fun at the same time with great food accompanying us!

So here is their performance schedule~


I got to said that both the team had miss out the 11:30am performance as we had sometime getting lost at location and setting up time! >///<

But WE are there for the rest of the performance! 😀

It was my first time hearing Natsumi chan singing! And i got to said it is really cute and i am able to capture those moment!! 😀

Sorry for the bad quality (I took it on phone)

Well everyone was so high right?! Much energy!!! HAHA!!!

But after that we have a sexy meido who perform a Medley!

Her name is Mirei!


I am very sorry i had many pictures but all blur! So the only picture i can find it’s from Pika Pika Meido Café ピカピカメイドカフェ ! Well on the side note Shiolee had dance abit with the Medley too 😀

Back to topic! Talking about Suzume! The team leader for Pika Pika maido~ Also have given just a wonderful performance!! But i didn’t capture her moments on stage! What a waste!!! I(Shiolee) have been a supporter for Suzume but luckily! My friend from Hipstar Cospics? came and took down a wonderful moment of their dance!

10511566_240378486172210_834713383473029635_o 10453053_240378489505543_7927988517736285056_o

YAY!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! >////<! Their performance was really awesome but once again my gears i need upgrade!!!! HAHA!!!

Well after those lovely performances the ladies! Had a Janken(Rock-paper-scissors) game with us! And the of course winner will get a prize 😀 It’s always Shiolee san who had to be out of the first round because he is bad in janken!!! D:< But congratulations to all the winners for the Janken game!!!

Wow some times games like that i really want to win! Oh well bad luck me 😀 Oh yes! On the day of the party, A new meido have been introduce on to stage! She cute,Quite Chibi and a great dancer too! Her name is Naru!!!!! She have been dancing quite sometime and i did expect she had became one of the meido!!!!! 😀 Not just that she also perform too!!!! Not for forget Janken game too~ 😛


Haha so much excitement!!! Till we are hungry!!!!! Oh My God 😀 but look at our table! GOOD FOOD ARRIVE WITH Meido pika pika power up!!! 😀

10499539_239077192969006_2451297524363005824_o 10473469_239077272968998_7945438939385983988_o 10448640_239077129635679_4565116653533801400_o 10397045_239077152969010_1409938966429064056_o

The food was really delicious! Fullhouse Signature Singapore have really good chefs! If anyone who like to have a party or small events with amazing food do visit Fullhouse! You will not regret! 😀


Closing to the end of the whole event they have a last performance and they had Suzume,Natsumi,Mirei and Nanami!!!! Not forgetting their grand lucky draw for all customers who came and support them!!!


It was a really fun and enjoyable afternoon with the meidos! They have bought smile and laugh to the event plus share them to people around them is never easy 🙂 Great work ladies!


Smile everywhere!!! Oh by the way the guy in the middle is one of the friendly photographer who help up taking photos for the whole event!! 😀 Here is his page must visit!  Nyvrem Porktography

And last but not least if u looking for more photos for the event do visit hipstar cospics!


Thanks alot Hipstar Cospics? and others who are there! 😀

Here is also the pika pika meido’s facebook page! GO VISIT!


Just a heads up if you like to repost the photo please do so but please do not do any changes of the photos! Please respect copyrights! Thanks


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