Funan Anime Matsuri 2014 Highlights!


Funan Anime Matsuri 2014 is an 1-week event that started on 9 June and ended on 15 June.

There were cosplays, anime, performances, workshops  And many many more!

IMG_4257 IMG_4256 IMG_4254IMG_4274

There are mini exhibits around the GoodSmile and La Tendo booths to showcase their goods. Not mentioning you also can get them!


There is an area for the Vanguard competition whereby players can showcase their abilities to one another, whilst the back area is the AFA Cafe.


Cherry Credits booth which promotes their game, Million Arthur, also held a Bingo event for players to win game-related stuff.

Looking up the schedule for the Funan Anime Matsuri! They have Collateral Damage Studios to kick off the workshop by teaching people how to draw anime characters and not just that, they also had taught them how to colour them too, using the magic of Photoshop!

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And up next they have the cosplay guests~


They were not here just for Meet And Greet sessions! But they were also there to impart their knowledge on making props, designing personal costumes/shoe and how to do make up! It is a waste if you had missed it!

Here are some photos we took for the workshop 😀

2014-06-15 12.26.13 10313297_648947201859543_4479741993947221368_n

Ying Tze [Photo by Shevonne]

There is also a short video showing Ying Tze and Lita-san teaching!

There is other cosplay workshop by the other guests but sadly I cannot find any of their videos! D: Sorry!

But this very video had made my heart go Doki Doki!!!

Yes, it’s a mini surprise that 2 other friends and I had think out! Thanks for the video SheepyTrilogy!

Speaking about performance! We had a young talent who had made it out big with his talent to play awesome anime song on the piano! Let me introduce you to PianoMinion! But it’s better if you watch this video and you will understand more!

What an amazing young kid! It now make me wonder what had I done when I was younger! HAHA!

So back to the performance! We see! Asian Pop Collective’s Idol Valerie! She had a mini live performance and Meet And Greet with fans!!!!! So here you go!


Well this year they also have invited guest performers! and they are~ ITOWOKASHI!



[Photo by:]

It was ITOWOKASHI’s second time coming to Singapore to perform! They were really awesome and they have many fans too!

I believe you had enjoyed their live performance when you go to Funan IT Mall! 😀 They also have meet N greet plus autograph sessions too! What a cute band they are! I have already miss them and their song!!

Well in an Anime Matsuri! We will never miss out cosplayers! So let me introduce you my partner that have been helping me in events! They are [Hipstar Cospics?].

Those are really awesome photos! Thank you!!!!

Well it have been an awesome event! Many thanks to the organizer, the helpers there as well as the people who had attend the whole event! Last but not least let me show you a final video done by Ying Tze!~

All Photo and Video is By Hipstar Cospics?, Ying Tze Channel , AFA channel, SheepyTrilogyCollateral Damage Studios, SOZO, PianoMinion and other media panters



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