Kyary Pamyu Pamyu also called as KPP had just ended her concert inSingapore on 21 june last saturday!~

Many fans regardless of age went to enjoy her concert! This is her 3rd time coming to Singapore! On Friday the 20 june, she had a press conference and at the same time she had a Meet and greet with her fans!

Here is a Video of the press conference:

Credit to

So she had visited the Garden By The bay and Night Safari and she have lots of fun there! But still Singapore is a all summer country and she commented it’s was very hot!

But never the least she had enjoy her time before her concert!

KPP never fail to make the crowd laugh and fall in love with her again~! She is VERY CUTE!!!!!! Plus not forgetting the stage it was like a toy wonderland!!! This time all her stage setup is bought from Japan to Singapore!! Much effort by KPP and the management team! Thank you all very much!

So there is so much photo i would love to share to you all! Just go and view them from

Speedknight san website

JMF-Japan Music Festival Facebook Page

All Information is by SpeedKnight, Japan Music Festival and SOZO


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